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Rotary Club of Madras East and Madras Dyslexic Association together have embarked on a programme to equip teachers of Schools in Chennai to identify and work with Dyslexic children. The aim of this programme is to educate the teachers about Dyslexia and thereby generate awareness in the society. In a venture that will span two years they hope to conduct 60 training programmes with 35 to 40 teachers in each session; thereby training 2000 to 2500 teachers and this in turn is expected to impact over one lakh children over a period of four years.

Dyslexia has been identified as one of the major reasons for the school drop outs. The dyslexic children have an IQ of more than 90 and when they are not supported by the schools their future will be affected. Hence it is very important to retain the dyslexic children in their schools and remediate them. It is possible if only class room teachers are equipped with the remediation techniques.

Madras Dyslexia Association is on a mission to empower all the class room teachers by providing them the needed techniques to identify and remediate the dyslexic children in their classes.

There are a number of schools providing quality education to children from the economically under privileged students at minimal cost. Rotary Club of Madras East, (RCME), one of the premier clubs, has come forward to support the training programmes in such schools.

There are also schools where Tamil is the medium of instruction and Madras Dyslexia Association has Tamil Vazhi Payirchi a special screening and remedial technique that takes care of the dyslexic children in Tamil medium. MDA will be offering the training for remediation to those school teachers in Tamil.

Madras Dyslexia Association has developed a special remediation kit and it is being provided to every school after the training.

The programme has made a beginning at Meenakshi Matric School at Annanagar and Sevalaya, Thiruninravur.

B. S . Purshotham, President of Rotary Club of Madras East said “Rotary Club of Madras East is Happy to be associated with Madras Dyslexia Association in conducting training programs to empower teachers of under privileged schools with Dyslexic remedial techniques. In every class there might by few children who may not be good in academics and they are unfortunately labeled as dull and even stupid. This attitude of teachers and parents towards such children affects their morale and confidence. We believe many of such children may be dyslexic which requires special techniques to identify and remedy them. In fact some of the smartest and most intelligent people and many successful entrepreneurs the world has seen are Dyslexic. Be it Steve jobs, Bill gates, Tom Cruise, Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison were all Dyslexic. Hence , we are happy to be associated with MDA , who are in this space for over 25 years, to empower teachers who are in such noble profession and will shape the character, caliber and the future of children so that it can make a big impact on the society. This is a pilot project and depending on its success, we like to extend this to many more schools”.

Dyslexia is a lifelong condition affecting 10-15% of the school going children. It is suspected that Tamil Nadu alone may have 2 million dyslexic children.

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About MDA:
The Madras Dyslexia Association was set up in 1992 as a non profit organization with the objective of assisting children with Dyslexia through special teaching methods. We work extensively with dyslexic children right from an initial assessment to taking them through their academic stream with specially set up training methods. We also work closely with several schools across Tamil Nadu in this process.

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