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Real First Aid (RFA) brings world-class immersive simulation training techniques to Chennai

Real First Aid (RFA), an Australian based first aid simulation training organization, successfully organized engaging and immersive first aid training programmes – Mass Casualty Response Training with Chennai Traffic Police; and Advanced Life Support Training for doctors and paramedics of Kauvery Hospital in Chennai. These trainings were facilitated by Ben Krynski, Founder and Head of Business Development, Real First Aid and his team, along with Kauvery hospital in cooperation with Chennai Traffic Police. These were attended by over 30 Chennai traffic police personnel and 20 doctors and paramedics from Kauvery Hospital recently.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in 2016, Tamil Nadu has long been one of the States with the highest number of road accidents in India. In Tamil Nadu, Chennai had the highest number of fatalities. This shows that there is an urgent need to provide training that can help save lives in emergencies. RFA, Australia’s trusted emergency training provider, delivers world-class training through immersive simulations using actors, sensory aids and special effects to give a first-hand experience to students / participants.

The Mass Casualty Response Training with Chennai Traffic Police primarily focused on scenarios to simulate real-life situations to ensure traffic personnel’s are prepared for any situation they may encounter in the real world. The training included responding to a mass casualty incident, managing an unconscious person, applying tourniquets and bandages and airway management. The session culminated with a live simulation at Beasant Nagar Beach where the police closed a section of road off and Kauvery and RFA created the very realistic scene of a multi-vehicle collision, a common occurrence in Tamil Nadu.

The Advanced Life Support Training for doctors and paramedics of Kauvery Hospital in Chennai aimed at providing the set of protocols and skills that extend beyond the hospital and into what is known as the pre-hospital field. RFA’s team brought a wealth of knowledge as advanced and intensive care paramedics to up-skill the doctors and paramedics in advanced cardiac and trauma life support into a pre-hospital environment. Real First Aid guidelines and techniques encourage critical thinking and decision-making strategies during emergency. Through instruction and active participation in case-based scenarios, learners enhance their skills in the differential diagnosis and treatment of cardiac and trauma patients.

At this occasion, Ben Krynski, Founder and Head of Business Development, Real First Aid said, “In line with the mutual promotion of stronger ties in the health sector between India and Australia, our cooperation with Chennai’s traffic police and Kauvery Hospital has been a stepping stone for Real First Aid in India. RFA’s mission is to save lives by preparing people for the reality of emergency situations and to fundamentally shift the way emergency training is taught to the public. Our training methodology follows proven methods in terms of delivery and provision of feedback. We run and deliver recognised first aid training courses through the prism of our unique simulation delivery methods that facilitate a realistic situation for participants to practice their skills in a safe environment, and to test their ability to respond in emergency situations.”

He further added, “We expect 50 crores potential revenue from India for the next 2 years along with Indian training partners.”

The courses from RFA include, first aid training in a civilian environment, tactical first aid to prepare police and military to respond to terrorist attacks and other high threat environments and advanced medical and trauma training for doctors and medical professionals and courses to train Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics.

RFA brings first aid training alive using high quality and high fidelity simulations relevant for the public. It provides the recognized qualification as well as consultancy and independent emergency drill simulations. It is the only company in Australia bringing medical simulations alive outside of the professional medical and military fields and its immersive simulation training was named in the top 30 most innovative products in Australia in 2016.

Moreover, the company has developed Virtual Reality (VR) training for businesses to maximise their effectiveness of training and to be mobile. This model will see the company potentially partner with the likes of sports stadiums, shopping centres, Airports amongst others.

RFA works with a wide array of businesses across multiple industries which include Manufacturing, Construction, Entertainment, Transportation, Government Agency, Start Ups and many more. Having trained over 200 organizations in Australia across multiple industries, RFA is expanding their business operations in India.

Link to the Multiple Vehicle Collision Simulation in Chennai:

About Real First Aid:
RFA brings first aid training alive through the use of high quality, high fidelity simulations. RFA specialises in tailoring simulation-training packages, and are the only company in Australia to do so outside of the professional medical and military fields.

RFA works with a wide array of industries such as Manufacturing, Construction, Government Agency and Entertainment and their clients include; The Department of Foreign Affairs, Toll, The Salvation Army, Crown, Charles Sturt University, Deliveroo, Sanitarium, Mercure, Ausnet Services and more.
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