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Rasna Launches new avatar of its fruit based drink powder viz. “Rasna Insta”

Chennai,March, 2017: Rasna, world’s largest manufacturers of instant fruit based concentrate announced the launch of its new avatar of Rasna Fruit Plus in a more instant version viz Rasna Insta. Rasna Insta has more Glucose, Vitamins, Minerals than the earlier version and dissolves easily in 5 seconds. Rasna Insta is an answer to the consumers search for a beverage which is instant and also gives energy, vitamins, minerals and fruit priced at Rs.115/- for 500 gm Rasna Instant is for the energy and health seeking consumers. In a recent research, it has been found that most of the health drinks are add to hot milk, Rasna is the only cold version available of a health drink especially in summer.

“Mr. Piruz Khambatta, Chairman & Managing Director, Rasna Pvt.Ltd. has empathetically mentioned that Rasna is totally committed to provide healthy fruit drink at a very affordable price to its consumers and that is why Rasna Insta is the fruitiest most fortified beverage with 21 vitamins and minerals, not a single soft drink in India can make that claim.

Rasna also launches a healthy sweet snacks Rasna Vitos: Unlike fried chips and namkeens with 40% fat, Rasna Vitos is not fried but baked and made with Ragi and wheat with 14 nutrients making it an ideal health supplement for kids. According to market researcher Euro monitor, sweet and savory snacks have grown by 26%; highest within packaged food segment for the period 2010 and 2015. Sensing this opportunity, Rasna has targeted the sweet snacks segment with focus on kids returning home from school. As of now, Rasna Vitos will be available in chocolate and strawberry flavours.

Rasna has new production facility at Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh : Strengthening its production, today Rasna also announced its plan of setting up a new plant in Chittor in Andhra Pradesh. This new plant will be Rasna’s 10th plant and will be equipped with state of the art technology.

“Speaking at the launch, Mr. Piruz Khambatta, Chairman & MD, Rasna Pvt Ltd, said “Rasna Vitos will drive the proposition of evening snacking the healthy and tasty way. Rasna has kept its promise of healthy tasty product for the masses that too at an affordable price of Rs.10 per pouch. The focus will now be on increasing the penetration of Vitos by leveraging our robust marketing and distribution network”.

Talking about the plan of the new plant at Chittor, ”This will be an integral part of Rasna to strengthen the market share in the powder drink segment”, added Mr. Piruz Khambatta, Chairman & MD, Rasna Pvt Ltd
Speaking on the launch of the new ad campaign, Mr. Piruz Khambatta, Chairman & MD, Rasna Pvt Ltd, said, “Over the years, Rasna has unveiled some of the most remarkable and lovable campaigns. Our latest campaign has been created keeping in mind, our journey over generations wherein we have spread love and served more than 120 billion glasses. Unlike earlier campaigns wherein our mascot has always been a girl child between 3 to 8 years, this time, we have roped in two iconic Bollywood veteran actors. I am confident that their charm as Rasna’s 60 year old grand man and grand lady, will amplify the overall impact of our ads.”
Speaking on the new ad campaign for Rasna Insta and Rasna theme ad, Mr. Manish Bhatt, Founder Director of Scarecrow Communication (the new advertising agency on board), said “when the brand proposition says Energetic taste without taste waste, so should its communication be. Hence we decided to take a dig on Darwin’s Theory of Human Evolution and give it a quirky spin-off that resonates with the young generation of today.”

Rasna considered as one of the most trusted original Made in India brand, a market leader with 85 % share in the powdered drink segment. Now, Rasna has strong plans to chart its next phase of double digit growth and expansion of overall product portfolio.

Remarkably, the company has kept the price point of their Re.1/-, Rs.2/-, Rs.5/- and Rs.10/- product the same for many many years as a part of its social commitments to make available healthy soft drinks at a very affordable price.
Rasna is still available at Rs.2 per glass. In recent research done by MRSS India (Majestic Market Research Support Services), Rasna has stood out with the highest recall orange drink – aided and unaided recall, which is another great achievement.

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