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Rare knee-replacement surgery for a 51-yr-old helps him walk again

Bangalore, 2018: Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal recently witnessed a very unusual case, where a 51-yr-old who came on a wheel chair with a critical knee infection called MRSA on his right leg, was given a new life by performing a Rotating Hinge knee surgery, a complicated procedure with an incidence rate of 1 in 1000 knee transplants.

We, at Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal performed a complex knee replacement surgery on the 51-yr-old Husien Jaber (Name changed) from Iraq, who was living in agony for a year, since he could not bend his knee after a nightmarish episode of failed knee replacement surgery done earlier in Iraq. The patient had undergone 2 knee transplants both of which got infected.

When he came to the hospital; he was on a wheel chair with a severe knee infection, the knee implant was severely infected and in an urgent need of a complex knee surgery. His condition was very serious with severe knee pain, and the implant had become loose which even taking few steps resulted in bone searing pain.

A two- stage revision was performed during the surgery:
a) The removal of infected knee implant and insertion of antibiotic spacer cement in the knee joint to control infection, along with providing IV antibiotics. This process took 21 days.
b) Replacement of knee implant and surgery was executed after ensuring that the knee infection was controlled.

“When he came to us, Husain was very disheartened and was not sure about regaining his ability to walk on his own. Post-surgery, as he started his recovery, he got the confidence of defeating his pain and walking normally again. We performed the dual surgery successfully, enabling him to walk and bend his knee normally” said Dr Ravichandran Kelkar, Senior Orthopaedist, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal.

“I was depressed when I came for a consultation at Columbia Asia Hospital- Hebbal with a severe knee infection, unbearable knee pain and inability to walk even a single step. But now there is a new life was waiting for me, I am able to walk all by myself. I am very thankful to all the specialists at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Hebbal for helping me return back to normal life”, says Husien.

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