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Published by Notion Press Sheila Ram Mohan’s ‘I Complete Me’ conveys strong message to the women

Hyderabad,  July, 2017: Notion Press, India’s fastest growing self-publishing company has published a unique non-fiction book ‘I Complete Me’ written by Hyderabad-based woman author, Sheila Ram Mohan. The book talks about the importance of exploring, loving and finding missing pieces of one’s self, instead of working on relationships outside.

Women have been traditionally brought up to believe that there is a Prince Charming who will come in to their lives and that’s when all their troubles will end. “My other half”. “Someone to complete me”. Some keep looking for their prince, finding a lot of toads and witches on the way some find that their Prince Charming is not what they thought he would be. The real life relationships are way too different from a Disney ‘love story’. And that’s when the pity party really starts. They crib, they complain, they get in to depression, they look for something to fill their empty spaces.

Sheila Ram Mohan, the author of the book said, ‘I am all for true love but I also believe that we spend a life time looking for and working upon relationships outside, neglecting the first valentine of our life – ourselves. We should not put our key to happiness in someone else’s pocket and we should love ourselves unapologetically.”

Through this book, the author shares insights on the secret of happiness. Life begins inside out. So we have to start accepting and loving all parts of ourselves before we attract the kind of love we want in to our life. It starts with you. And though this book is woman-centric, it is as relevant to men, as it is for women Relationships after all, know no gender. Written in a conversational tone, this is an easy-to-read book, leaving you with a definite solution.

Notion Press which has been the backbone of many authors’ growth is proud to present the book which conveys much needed message to the women. ‘I Complete Me’ by Ms Sheila Ram Mohan is currently available on Amazon, Notion Press store and other e-commerce portals. Read it at leisure, underscore and underline, & re-read for crafting a whole new love story with yourself.

About the Author

Sheila Ram Mohan is a Master Spirit Life Coach and an NLP-K practitioner. She is a keen traveller on the spiritual path, a patient listener and a rather bad cook, who passionately believes that change starts from within and in her own words, “The world would be a lovelier place if everybody just cleaned their own doorstep.”

Her clients know her as an inspirational coach who leads with humor and passion, to help her clients push their edges and fly. Her views are radical and result-oriented. With a no-nonsense demeanour and a say-it- as-she- sees-it manner, she is a widely respected motivational speaker who inspires action and progress. Find out more at


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