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Palo Alto Networks Unveils Comprehensive Cloud Security Offering for All Major Cloud Providers

Chennai,  February, 2018 – Palo Alto Networks® ,  the next-generation security company, welcomed more than 10,000 attendees to the Epic Cloud Security Event, and showcased how it is infusing new cloud capabilities into its Next-Generation Security Platform designed to prevent successful cyberattacks in the cloud. The forth coming advancements, will provide customers operating in hybrid a nd multi-cloud environments with a comprehensive, consistent security offering that integrates directly with cloud infrastructure and workloads.

In an upcoming study conducted by ZK Research, 86 percent of respondents indicated that their organization stores and manages data across multiple cloud infrastructure providers. Maintaining a consistent and effective security posture in these multi-cloud environments becomes especially cumbersome because the security capabilities that are native to cloud provider scan only be configured to protect the infrastructure for which it was developed. These native capabilities must also be supplemented for effective cyber breach prevention, and failure to do so could leave an organization vulnerable to data loss or exposure.

The cloud evolution demands a new model of cybersecurity that is specifically designed to address its nuances; provide frictionless deployment and management of effective security capabilities; and enablesecurity, operations, networking and development teams to meet the demands of agile organizations.

Customers of Palo Alto Networks benefit from consistent security for modern cloud environments, including:

  •         Consistent protections across locations and clouds: Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platformwill extend cloud workload protections to the Google® Cloud Platform, in addition to enhanced capabilities for AWS® and Azure® environments.
  •          Cloud-resident management:Panorama™network security management willbe supported in all major clouds, offering simplifiedand centrally manageddeployment and managementfor all Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls and VM-Series virtualized next-generation firewalls, regardless of formfactor or location.
  •    Automationintegrations for frictionless workflows inmulti-cloud environments: Enhanced auto-scaling for AWS and added support for Azure Security Center and Google Cloud Deployment Managerwill simplifysecurity deployments and enable scaling based on changing cloud demands. Integrations with Terraform® and Ansible®will automate workflows and policy management.
  •        Continuous data security and compliancefor all three major clouds: New protectionswill be provided by Aperture™security service to enable discovery and monitoring of cloud resources, guard against sensitive data loss, enable monitoring for risky or suspicious administrator behavior, and provide additional protection against security misconfigurations and malware propagation.
  •         Prevention of zero-day attacks: Traps™advanced endpoint protection will prevent zero-day attacks for Linux workloads across all major clouds, in addition to the existing support of Windows® workloads.


  •         “Several IDC surveys have shown that hybrid-cloud is today’s reality. Centralized management across on-premise, cloud, endpoint, and SaaS are crucial for frictionless and effective security in the cloud. Using Panorama, Palo Alto Networks customers can now have both visibility and control regardless of form-factor or location.”

–          Rob Ayoub, research director, Security Products IDC

  •           “Organizations are moving to the cloud at a rapid pace, and the reality is that most operate multi-cloud environments. By extending protections to all major public cloud providers and streamlining the management of all physical and virtual appliances, Palo Alto Networks can provide enterprises with consistent security across all types of infrastructure: physical, virtual and cloud.”

–          Garrett Bekker, principal security analyst, 451 Research 

  •           “Our multi-cloud customers require comprehensive security that is frictionless. With Palo Alto Networks, REAN Cloud can design and launch secure foundations in an automated and consistent manner, and our customers can take full advantage of the cloud’s agility while protecting critical data and preventing cyberattacks.”

–          Dan Connolly, executive vice president, Customer Business Group, REAN Cloud 

  •         “Today’s organizations are challenged by the speed at which the shift to public cloud is occurring. Driven by the demands of the business, many organizations deploy cloud infrastructure quickly and develop cloud-based applications without consideration for the cybersecurity implications. The advancements announced today will enable our customers to fully embrace all of the benefits provided by the cloud while ensuring that their critical information is protected and that successful cyberattacks are prevented.”

–          Lee Klarich, chief product officer, Palo Alto Networks

 About Palo Alto Networks

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