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Notion Press Publishes ‘The Seven Dimensions’: Is There A World Beyond The Earth?

A student pursuing Bachelor of Pharmacy in India, Mohammed Al-Hasani has released his first book, The Seven Dimensions, which is published by Notion Press.

This book is a fictional story which revolves around the protagonist, Samy Zock after he finds out that he possesses a secret power and that the universe consists of seven dimensions. He has a dream about strange creatures trying to kill him and learns about a group of creatures who were living on Earth ten thousand years ago. He does some research about the history of these creatures and realises that they are from the other dimension. He goes there with his friends to find answers for his questions. They encounter multiple obstacles in this journey and how they overcome them forms the crux of the story.

These creatures were living on the first dimension, Earth, until one day they are sent to the second dimension by the son of the king, who rules the last dimension. Zock understands the power of volition, two years after his parent’s death. He dreams that his mother is alive and his friends decide to understand his dreams and in this process, they travel to the second dimension. The king of the second dimension is a creature, who was banished there before ten thousand years and he hates human beings, as their deeds have wronged him. On seeing Samy and his friends, the king sends a group of soldiers to capture and imprison them. But one of his friends manages to escape and teams up with creatures that are against the king’s rule. Are they are successful in overturning the king’s rule and do they leave this dimension? The author unravels the answers to these questions in a gripping manner.

Born and brought up in Iraq, Mohammed Al-Hasani dreams of becoming a pharmacist and an author. He loves writing stories and is glad to have started his journey in that direction. He says, “Writing has always been my passion. I didn’t believe that a common man could crack the secret code in the world of books and publishing. The Seven Dimensions is my brainchild that every reader will love, as fantasy is a genre that most of us enjoy reading.”
Notion Press is elated to have published this book, as it is a fun read that will expand one’s imagination. We are glad to provide a platform for authors to publish their work and achieve their dreams of being a writer. This book is available on Amazon and other e-commerce websites, so buy your copy and start reading.

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