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Notion Press Publishes ‘Hope Dawns in the East’: Money Should Not Be An Obstacle For Accessible Healthcare

October, Mumbai :In the diverse domain of professions, being a doctor or any professional in the medical industry is an arduous task, as they are thought to be an intermediary between God and man. As quoted by William Osler, “A good physician treats the disease; a great physician treats the patient who has the disease“. This book by communication consultants, Arnab Mukherjee and SushmitaSarkar follows the journey of an extraordinary man who braved hurdles to provide free and affordable health care for people in rural India.  This book, Hope Dawns in the East, is published and released by Notion Press.

This book talks about poverty and the inhuman medical practices prevailing in our country, as India is home to some of the poorest people in the world, despite being one of the fastest growing economies. We unfortunately rank at the bottom on the world happiness index and the results can be directly correlated to the burden of poverty. The main reason why India is battling with poverty is due to overpopulation, illiteracy, epidemics and lack of affordable healthcare. This book documents the journey of a person from humble beginnings and how he created a successful model to establish the first super-speciality tertiary care hospital in Northeast India.

Growing up in Assam, Borah was unfortunately a witness to his mother’s intense suffering due to the lack of affordable healthcare. Following this incident, he adopted the motto, ‘No one should die from lack of healthcare’, which motivated him to pass matriculation with flying colours and thereby get admission in Guwahati Medical College with a scholarship from Assam government. After completing his studies and training, he set up GNRC (Guwahati Neurological Research Centre) in 1984. This story tells us about the painstaking journey taken by Dr. Borah to establish the research centre and how he strived to provide universal access to healthcare. This successful model and his pursuit for ‘Health for All, Smiles for All’ are wonderfully recorded in this book.

The authors, Arnab Mukherjee and SushmitaSarkar were inspired by Dr. Borah’s achievements and wanted to document and share his success story with the world. His journey has been extensively researched and even includes interviews from people who have crossed paths with Dr. Borah. His model of universal healthcare and affordable treatment and the methods that can be implemented to replicate it in other states is also included in the book.

The authors are pleased to share the inspiring journey of a man who helped people brave the barriers of poverty and provide cost-effective healthcare services. Our accelerator program helps self-publishing authors gain momentum and in turn, increase brand value for their book. The book is available on Amazon and other ecommerce websites for purchase. Do read the story of a man who has risen from humble origins, and is now one of the most respected doctors in India. This book is touching and inspiring, and will take the reader on an emotional rollercoaster.

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