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Notion Press Publishes ‘2017 Outlook for Stocks, Oil, Gold, Bonds, Currencies, Trump Presidency, Brexit, Frexit, Italexit and German Elections’: An Expert Prognosis on Stock Market

Mumbai : Last year, the world experienced the appointment of Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America and the Referendum of United Kingdom to exit from the European Union, popularly known as BREXIT. Even as demonetisation hit India in November 2016, the Indian Stock Markets nose-dived in a knee-jerk reaction but recovered sharply in early 2017 to reach all-time highs.

With the passing of the GST (Goods and Service Tax) Bill in the Parliament and expectations of implementation from July 1, 2017; all hopes have centred on the boost this could give to the Indian economy as a result of ‘One Nation, One Tax’ and seamless movement of goods and services across state borders. The impact of each of these events on Financial, Currency and Commodity Markets have been predicted by Sunil Kewalramani in his Fourth book titled, ‘2017 Outlook for Stocks, Oil, Gold, Bonds, Currencies, Trump Presidency, Brexit, Frexit, Italexit and German Elections’ which is published and released by Notion Press.

This book contains the author’s predictions on global stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies for the year 2017, and is based on the research he carried out over a period of twenty-five years. All essential factors have been weighed in while predicting this, such as movement in Oil prices, Change in Inventory levels, Rise/Fall in Productivity, Economic turmoil and Political situations in countries that will be conducting elections this year.

Sunil Kewalramani’s book presents a clear scenario of the events that will follow, rather than trying to predict movements in financial, commodity and currency markets based on cause and effects of hypothetical scenarios. This book also analyzes the recent announcement made by Blackrock that they will rely on Robots for a portion of their investment management business, replacing fund managers to do Stock Selection.

Even the dates when Heavy Downfall in Stocks could take place (19th June 2017 to 16th September 2017) have been foretold, as it would help buyers choose and invest wisely. Contradictory to the popular notion that the US market would crash post presidential election, the market is on an all-time high and stocks were stable for 109 days without even a single percentage of decline. The predictions for Wall Street in this book have been detailed using the trends and figures from the past twenty-five years. The impact of Brexit on world economy and after-effects of French presidential election are also detailed in this Book.

An Author, Keynote Speaker and Professional consultant for Diversified Multinationals, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies and High Net Worth Individuals; Sunil Kewalramani holds an MBA from Wharton Business School, USA, a CPA from USA, CA from India and has multiple degrees in Finance, Law and Accounting. He has consulted across the globe for several corporates, including leading investment banks. Sunil has written for the Economic Times, Business Standard, Mint, Financial Express, Strategic Management Journal and most leading financial newspapers.

Sunil Kewalramani has been frequently interviewed on TV channels such as Bloomberg, ET Now and Btvi. A financial expert with a knack for accurately predicting world events, his forecasts even include the end of The Great Financial Crisis in March 2009, Oil crash of 2008, US electoral results in 2016, Crash in Silver in May 2011, Crash in Gold Prices in June 2012 and The Greek financial crisis in 2009.

Currently, he works as a Chief Investment Officer and Chief Research Strategist at Global Money Investor and he believes that this book will serve as a guide for investors, fund managers and stockbrokers alike. The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and all leading other e-commerce websites. Do read the book for an insight into the yearly forecast of Stocks, Bonds, Currencies and Commodities for 2017 and make the right investment, hence getting the best bang for your buck.

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