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Next Skills announces DigiTALent, a comprehensive gadget and connectivity package for college students with built-in employability learning.

Chennai, October , 2017. Next Skills is a solution platform which brings together best of class products and services to solve key issues connected with students access to gadgets and services that are required to facilitate the learning process.Next Skills has recently announced the launch of DigiTALent, which is a comprehensive package designed for college students. This package bundles a branded laptop, smartphone, internet connectivity customized for every student’s need.

To make the most of the growing popularity of digital learning, DigiTALent incorporates licensed content from the leading digital skilling platform TalentSprint and a project package with mentor assistance from TOOOPLE.  DigiTALent thus provides a “Vocational Education Re-Engineering Program” (VERP) designed for engineering students during their 4 years of graduation program.

According to, Mr. N. T. Chowdary, Chairman, Next Skills said “Our objective is to enable access to best in class skills and learning for all graduates using the digital medium. We find that access to infrastructure and industry connect is limited among engineering graduates, specifically from small towns. Our DigiTALent product will be made available in easy monthly payment option so that every student is able to benefit from this. We estimate that over 5 lakh students will benefit from DigiTALent over the next 5 years. Our primary focus during Phase – I will be on the students from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.”

One of the key challenges repeatedly faced by corporate recruiters is that the theoretical knowledge imparted by colleges is no longer enough for an intensely connected global economy. One who does professional projects will go a long way in their job readiness.

With massive automation and Artificial Intelligence impacting the number of jobs on the one hand and, the lack of employable skills among graduates on the other, is making it difficult for companies to find the right talent.

Mr. Krishna Sistla, founding director of TOOOPLE, said that “Our virtually mentored comprehensive projects will enable students to get closer to their employability learning and prepare them for the real world of corporate employment.”

About Next Skills

Next Skills is passionate about making young Indian engineering graduates employable, globally. The group delivers cutting edge technology through digital platform to create the next set of competent industry-ready individuals. The Company is on a mission to bridge the gap between future skills and present day learning to create individuals who can contribute constructively to the industry.

About TalentSprint

TalentSprint is a new-age digital platform to transform the lives of job seekers and working professionals. Its blended bootcamps empower software professionals with artificial intelligence and machine learning skills. The AI-powered skilling platform enables learners to get ahead and stay ahead in a hyper-competitive world. Funded by Nexus Venture Partners and the National Skill Development Corporation, TalentSprint aims to empower ONE MILLION young job


TOOOPLE is a Singapore based organization that aims to bridge the gap between formal education and the industry by supporting organizations in their efforts to groom skilful IT professionals through a Cloud based platform.


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