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The unshakable belief, love and reverence Tirumala Tirupati invokes in devotees, have made it one of the most visited pilgrim spots on the planet. The awe-inspiring temple, which is a towering example of Dravidian architecture which datesback to the 7th century, draws around 60,000 to 80,000 devotees a day. However, this being one of the most important and sacred Hindu pilgrimage centres in the world, most of the people are not allowed inside the holy inner sanctum of the temple. Consequently, while the devotees visiting the temple come back with a blissful spiritual experience, they don’t manage to get an in – depth view of the temple.

This is about to change as National Geographic’s exclusive break-free documentary ‘Inside Tirumala Tirupati’ promises to give viewers an unprecedented 360-degree view of the temple. Watching the documentary will make people feel that they are experiencing an actual visit to the temple, and will also reveal incredible new aspects of the temple even for those who have visited it previously.This one hour special National Geographic Exclusive documentary will give viewers an in-depth access to the massive scale of operations, the technology used at various stages, the processes and the people who manage the mind-boggling number of devotees visiting this iconic temple.

Inside Tirumala Tirupati will also unravel the stories of devotion, belief and love of the people who come to the temple. The documentary will also incorporate elaborate graphics that explain the temple layout in detail re-creating the sacred inner parts of the temple, where not only cameras, but even people are usually not allowed in. It also incorporates stunning time lapses that capture the beauty of the awe-inspiring temple town of Tirumala.

Speaking on the National Geographic Exclusive, Shruti Takulia, Creative Director, India Productions, ‎FOX Networks Group said, ‘Inside Tirumala Tirupati is National Geographic’s newest lndia production that delivers on our promise to bring relevant and impactful stories with a high level of editorial credibility and unprecedented access to our viewers. The one hour special is a spectacular culmination of the hard work the entire team has put in, since it was no mean task to do justice to a concept so challenging and so immensely ingrained in to minds of the people, not only in India, but around the world. A heady mix of history, technology, scale, architecture and emotions – this Nat Geo Exclusive will definitely evoke a sense of wonder in the viewers.”

Catch the exclusive premiere of Inside Tirumala Tirupatiat 9 pm on Monday, 27th March 2017, only on National Geographic.

The promo of the exclusive documentary got a mind-blowing 1 million organic views in under 24 hours of going live on Facebook!
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National Geographic commissioned Pulse Media to produce this documentary.

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