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Naturals, India’s No.1 hair salon, is proud to collaborate with Dr. Recella, Japan’s top beauty and personal care company. Dr. Recella received the No. 1 title for three consecutive years from the Essential Cosmetics Products For Beauty Therapists Survey.

The beauty and wellness industry in India is booming, with a tremendous potential for growth in 2019. In fact, it is said to be growing twice as fast as markets in the United States and Europe. India is also the second largest consumer market in the world. According to a KPMG report, the size of India’s beauty and wellness market is expected to cross INR 80,370 crores by 2018-2019. This includes the beauty products, beauty salon and spa businesses.

Naturals is delighted to bring Dr. Recella’s award-winning skin care range to India as their exclusive partner. Dr. Recella enjoys a dominant 35% market share in the salon business in Japan.

Among the products which will be made available are the Aqua Venus skin cleansing series, which is based on GRI-X and 100% natural ingredients; the skin perfecting serums of the Aqua Venus Target series, and the UV Care, Inner Care and Beauty Care ranges. Additionally, Dr. Recella has special product ranges for acne-prone skin, delicate baby skin, dry skin and normal skin.

Many of the products are based on GRI-X, a unique formulation of 2000-year-old deep sea water extracted in Okinawa and natural water from Yanbaru, which together closely resemble the mineral balance of the human body. The extremely nourishing properties of this ingredient have made it possible for Dr. Recella to create unique skin care ranges which are free of artificial preservatives. The Dr. Recella philosophy is to absolutely avoid all petroleum based surface activating agents, known as surfactants, a substance commonly found in most cosmetics, detergents and toothpastes. Skin care and cosmetics often contain ingredients which may either harm the skin or body, or negatively affect the environment. Dr. Recella’s Aqua Venus products were developed after extensive research in consultation with doctors, in order to create effective skin care formulas that heal deeply and cause no damage.

The Dr. Recella brand comprises a successful range of beauty salons, clinics, wholesale cosmetics, welfare and an online sales division. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, they have branch offices in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Kotsu, as well as overseas branches in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The company was founded in 1993 by its President, Mr. Tetsuya Okusako.

Speaking on the collaboration with Naturals, Mr. Okusako said: “The Dr. Recella brand conveys two core beliefs to the customer: ‘You too can attain happiness with problem free skin.’ and that we are ‘‘The door to beautiful skin that will change your life’. Available in over 3000 beauty salons in Japan, we are excited to introduce our range to India for the first time.” Mr. Tomoyuki Takeda- Director of overseas department feels that the Indian market is now ready for high quality Japanese products & services.

Veena K, Founder of Naturals, also said, “The Indian market has shown a growing interest in environmentally-friendly and organic products which go back to nature. We are excited to pioneer GRI-X products here through our tie-up with Dr. Recella. The beautifying and healing properties of this extraordinary and ancient ingredient will no doubt be of value to the discerning Indian customer.”

Dr. Recella products will be exclusively available at Naturals and Page3 salons and online. The treatments which are of very high quality will only be available at Page 3 salons.

This tie up was arranged by Ms. Gurusubra headed by Gopalpillai Subramanian.

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