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KAMARAJAR PORT LIMITED (erstwhile Ennore Port Limited) (A Mini Ratna Govt. of India Undertaking)

Kamarajar Port Limited (KPL) (erstwhile Ennore Port Limited) under the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India is situated in the east coast and north of Chennai. It is the 12th Major Port of the Country.

The Port which was looked upon initially as a mono commodity coal port to serve the interest of TNEB, has over the period developed as a multi cargo port and today it has created facilities for handling liquid bulk, automobiles and general cargo with a handling capacity of 32 MTPA. In recent times, in order to meet the growing traffic demands, Kamarajar Port has initiated action and awarded the contract for creating additional terminal facilities viz., construction of two more coal berths for TANGEDCO, Container Terminal, Multi cargo Terminal, Modification of existing Iron Ore Terminal to also handle Coal and LNG terminal for handling additional cargo of 54 MTPA. Once the ongoing projects are completed, handling of containers, heavy project cargo and LNG would commence. The port is poised for a greater growth in the years to come with handling capacity of 86 MTPA.

Traffic handled at KPL during 2016-17:

The cargo throughput of KPL handled during the financial year 2016-17 is 30.02 million tonnes as against 32.21 million tonnes handled in corresponding period of previous year, which is -6.80% in comparison with the previous year. The shortfall in throughput is mainly due to the reduction in coal handled by TANGEDCO and by BOT operator which is (-) 9.80% declined in comparison to the previous year. The coal demand was reduced by the Captive user (TANGEDCO) due to increase in wind and solar energy and also the reduction in handling of imported coal.

However, the liquid cargo and automobiles including project cargo handled has seen a positive growth of 4.51% and 5.36% respectively. The cargo handled details in comparison with the previous year is given below.
(in million tonnes)
Commodity Berth 2016-17 2015-16 % Variation in cargo
Qty No. of Vsls Qty No. of Vsls
Coal CB1 10.06 158 11.66 178 -13.72
CB2 6.30 98 5.34 96 17.98
CICT 6.74 119 8.61 152 -21.72
Total Coal 23.10 375 25.61 426 -9.80
LPG MLT1 4.17 266 3.99 258 4.51
Other Cargo GCB 2.75 160 2.61 129 5.36
Grand Total 30.02 801 32.21 813 -6.80

Highlights of the financial year 2016-17:

 KPL has handled 2,27,581 units of automobile as against 2,16,922 units in the corresponding period of previous year with a growth of 4.91%.

 KPL has commenced the coastal automobiles export / import between Cochin and Kandla Ports on 23.09.2016. As on date 9 voyages with a volume of 14,594 units of automobiles have been handled at KPL. To facilitate the coastal RoRo shipping, KPL has provided the concessions on wharfage and Vessel related charges.

 Since inception, KPL has crossed handling of 11,50,000 units of automobiles in 672 RoRo vessels. One of the major OEM M/s Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd had achieved the remarkable milestone for the export of their 7,00,000th car through the General Cargo Berth of KPL during end of the third quarter. During 2016-17, KPL has handled 2,27,581 automobile units highest ever.

 M.V. Hoegh Tracer one of the world’s largest Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) owned by Hoegh Autoliners has been called at Kamarajar Port General Cargo Berth on 28.02.2017 to load the automobiles. The Vessel Gross Tonnage is 76,420 MT and her overall length is 200 m and beam 36.5 m. It may be highlighted that the Stern ramp is 6.5 m high and 12 m wide to load the cargo weighing 375 MT. The deck space of the vessel is 71,400 sq. m.

 The jetty expansion of Common user coal terminal developed by M/s Chettinad International Coal Terminal Pvt Ltd at Kamarajar Port has been completed to the length of 347.50m to accommodate the Cape size vessels of 287.50m LOA and draft of 16.0 m to facilitate the trade to handle higher parcel size vessels. On 18.10.2016, M.V. Minoan Falcon berthed at CICTPL with a higher parcel size of 88,001 MT of Steam coal imported from Indonesia for the importer M/s OPG Power Generation Pvt Ltd. The DWT of the vessel is 92,700 MT and it’s the highest DWT vessel ever handled at this terminal. The vessel arrived with a draft of 14.85 m and the beam is 38m.

 Kamarajar Port Limited has awarded the contract on 07.04.2016, for supply, installation, integration, commissioning and maintenance of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System at Kamarajar Port Limited to M/s. CMS Computer Limited to the contract value of Rs. 11.82 Crores. KPL has implemented RFID Control System at both gates with effect from 15.11.2016. On commissioning of RFID system will result the Port online fully automated system which will significantly enhance the security of the Port, speed up the movement, track every movement of men and material across the Port and prevent the revenue leakage and any malfunction at the gate. The implementation of RFID system is one of the initiatives of “Ease of Doing Business” under the Ministry of Shipping.

 Trade Meet was conducted with all stakeholders on 29.04.2017 at Chennai to discuss various operational and developmental issues.

Ongoing Projects

To increase the Port capacity from 32 Million Tonnes to 86 Million Tonnes involving an investment plan of Rs.7300 crores, the following projects were awarded and the details are as follows:

• Container Terminal

KPL has signed Concession Agreement with the Concessionaire M/s. Adani Ennore Container Terminal Pvt Ltd on 15.03.2014 for the development of Container Terminal on DBFOT Basis with handling capacity of 1.4 Million TEUs with a total quay length of 730 m at a Cost of Rs.1270 Crores in two phases. Container Terminal Phase-I will have a quay length of 400 m. Construction work is completed and the terminal is expected to commence shortly.

• Multi Cargo Terminal

Concession Agreement was signed with the Concessionaire M/s. Chettinad International Bulk Terminal Pvt Ltd on 28.03.2014 for development of Multi Cargo Terminal on DBFOT Basis with handling capacity of 2.0 MTPA with 270m quay length. Project Cost is Rs.151 Crores. Construction work is completed and the terminal is expected to commence shortly.

• Coal Berths 3& 4 for TANGEDCO

Considering the expansion of existing and new Thermal Power Plants of TANGEDCO and their joint ventures, TANGEDCO requested KPL to establish additional Coal Berths. Conceding to their request, Kamarajar Port has awarded the Contract for construction of two Coal Berths of each 9 MTPA capacity at an own investment of Rs.500 crores. The proposed berths to accommodate capsize vessels of 18 meter draft as per the business model TANGEDCO is investing operating and maintaining all topside facilities like shore unloaders, conveyor system, etc., Construction work is in progress and expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

• LNG Terminal

IOCL has planned to set up an LNG Terminal Storage, Re-gasification Terminal Project. The capacity of LNG Terminal is 5 MTPA with provision to expand to 10 MTPA. Investment cost by Captive User (IOCL) – Rs.5151 crores. Cabinet has approved leasing of land to M/s. IOCL to an extent of 5,20,000 to the Joint Venture led by IOCL for a period of 30 years for setting up of LNG Re-gasification Terminal. Construction work is in progress and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

Proposed Projects

• Construction of RoRo cum General Cargo berth 2

To meet the export demand of automobile exporters, KPL initiated actions for development of RoRo cum General Cargo Berth 2 consisting of berth and parking yard thorough Internal and Extra Budgetary Resources (IEBR). The capacity of the terminal is 3 MTPA with an estimated cost of Rs.320 Crores.

• Captive Oil Jetty by IOCL

To meet the growing demand of POL, LPG products and Lube Oil Base stock (LOBS) in bulk in Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states, IOCL is proposing to build a Captive jetty at KPL and the proposed jetty is expected to achieve a capacity of 3 MTPA of LPG, POL and LOBS.

KPL and IOCL signed the MoU for the Construction of Captive Oil Jetty by IOCL on 30.11.2015. Further, KPL signed the Concession Agreement with IOCL on 09.06.2016.

Other Infrastructure Projects

1. Rail Connectivity
Rail connectivity link to Coal and Iron Ore stackyards from Athipattu and Athipattu Pudu Nagar Stations on the Chennai – Vijayawada mainline has been implemented at a cost of Rs.80 crore.

Rail connectivity to the upcoming Container Terminal and Multi Cargo Terminal has been completed at a cost of Rs.50 crores.

2. Capital Dredging

Capital Dredging (Phase III) to provide 16 mtr depth at container terminal Phase 1 berth, multi cargo berth, CB-3 berth areas. The work was awarded for Rs.274.86 Crores and is expected to be completed during the 1st quarter of 2017-18.
Phase IV
KPL has undertaken the Capital Dredging Phase-IV project which will provide 18mtr draft to the Port. This draft is sufficient to receive cape size vessels for bulk terminals and mother vessels. Container Terminal which is under construction is designed to receive mother ships.
Phase V
Capital Dredging Phase-V to provide 16mtr depth at the berth face of LNG Terminal, RoRo Berth cum GCB-2, IOCL Captive jetty, MLT-2 and Container Terminal Phase-1 (Stage-2) in synchronization with the berth construction at an investment of Rs.250 crores will be taken up during the current year.

3. Road Connectivity
Southern Port Access Road
Considering the increasing road traffic movement of import / export of cargoes, KPL has envisaged interest for widening of the existing two lane road starting from Vallur Junction (TPP road) to Kamarajar Port Main entrance to four lane road as a Southern Port Access Road (SPAR) Connectivity. The total length of the road is 7.1 kms i.e., 4.8kms length of North Chennai Thermal Power Station (NCTPS) road and 2.3kms length of Port Access Road. KPL appointed TNRDC as the Implementing Agency on deposit basis. TNRDC is in the process of obtaining necessary statutory clearance for implementing the project. The project cost is Rs.160 crores.
Northern Port Access Road
State Government has taken up this project and land acquisition is under progress.

Internal Road connectivity

KPL has initiated and awarded the contracts for development of existing bitumen road to four lane concrete road connecting main gate and various terminals/berths and construction of Gate Complex with an investment of Rs.50 crores. Construction work is in progress.
MoU Performance
KPL signs MoU with GoI every year by fixing targets. Since 2007-08, KPL is consistently achieving “Excellent” rating from Govt. of India.
Financial Performance:

Highlights of Kamarajar Port Performance in the FY 2016-17 (provisional and unaudited) are as follows:-

 The operating income at Kamarajar Port registered at Rs.681crore (approximate) as against Rs.617.31 crore in the previous financial year.

 During the FY 2016-17, KPL has paid dividend of Rs.70 crore (inclusive Interim dividend) to Govt. of India and Rs.35 crore (inclusive Interim dividend) to Chennai Port Trust for the FY 2015-16.

• Capital Expenditure

The Capital Expenditure of the KPL for the FY 2016-17 is Rs.545.63 crores for creating infrastructure projects at the Port i.e. Capital dredging, Coal Berth 3 & 4, Road and Rail connectivity. Further for the FY 2017-18, KPL has earmarked an amount of Rs.400 crores for development of Infrastructure projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kamarajar Port Limited as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility is undertaking a lot of developmental work in its neighborhood villages. Kamarajar Port Limited has contributed funds for executing infrastructure development works under CSR and Sustainability initiatives for the year 2016-17 through District Administration, Thiruvallur, imparted skill development training in various trades for livelihood enhancement of residents of local villages and contributed funds to “Swatch Bharath Kosh”

 Total value of CSR projects incurred in the FY 2015-16 is Rs.7.30 Crores.
 CSR projects approved and work in progress for the FY 2016-17 is Rs.8.48 Crores and subsequently for the FY 2017-18 – Rs.8.94 Crores, as per new CSR guidelines issued by GOI.


 KPL received the “Best Car / Automobile Port ” of the Year award from EXIM India, Shipping Times on 24.6.2016.

 KPL was given award for “Operational Performance Excellence” award by Indian Chamber of Commerce on 6.7.2016

 Kamarajar Port was adjudged as Winner in the category of ‘Sectoral Excellence Awards – Best Seaport Infrastructure’ during “3rd MARKENOMY Awards 2016” held at New Delhi on 27.10.2016.

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