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Industrial Reconditioning Plan at Termini Imerese (Palmermo, Southern Italy): launching an auction on production lines by Troostwijk

Troostwijk, Europe’s biggest online auctioneer, announces an appointment for companies and private customers looking for a competitive opportunity to purchase production lines. Due to the Renovation Plan of the Termini Imerese site production facility, Troostwijk, has received from an important Italian Automotive Company the assignment of managing the tender sale of the main production lines for cars production. The aim is to create space for the introduction of new lines for painting, cataphoresis and other industrial processes. There are 34 lots available, closing on 18th October.

Several auctions will take place, in order to make the best use of this reconditioning industrial plan. The first (closing on 18 October) will be a tender sale (“free offer” to be submitted to the seller for acceptance), with 34 lots including: front skeleton line, robotic welding island floor finish line, paint line, assembly line, suspension line, cataphoresis line …

The choice of Troostwijk, biggest online auctioneer in Europe, was done after a long market research conducted by the Seller to identify a company with strong competence and international followers: the final purpose is to ensure a quick restoration of the areas intended to accommodate the new machinery provided by the Reindustrialisation Program of Termini Imerese.

For more information, please visit . The viewing of the machinery needs to be agreed by email with Troostwijk ([email protected]) and will take place at the Industrial Zone of Termini Imerese (PA) on October 10 and 11 October, from 8.00 to 17:00.

Troostwijk, the biggest online auction house in Europe, deals with valuation and consulting, ensuring rapidity, security and transparency. Troostwijk is firmly convinced that everything has value and that every product can have a longer life than just the one of a single owner. The company aims to get the best possible return from that value through online auctions.

Company’s distinctive factor is the people, and that’s why respect and sustainability are among the priorities of Troostwijk’s business philosophy. Troostwijk’s auctions account for 500,000 annual lots and the company also do evaluations for companies in different sectors including: Agriculture, Food, Metalworking, Wood, Construction and Earth Moving.

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