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Hyagriva planned to give free coaching from standard 4th to 12th and also for NEET & JEE

In recent times, parents are very keen on the education of their kids. Irrespective of their economic status, parents invest a lot of time, energy and money on their children to make them future doctors, engineers, scientists and IAS officers.

Without any hesitation, huge investments are made in their child’s schooling and additional coaching. These situations are taken as an advantage by many schools and private coaching centres to mint excess money and push parents to debts.

Parents are compelled to send their wards to extra coaching right from their lowest primary level of schooling. Parents are also forced to drop and pick their wards from these coaching centres on time. The pain and strain taken by parents are immeasurable.

Parents of female children are more pitiable as they are unaware of the safety of their female child at these centres.

As finding solution to these problems, a premier organization named Hyagriva group of services, after a long time of research, successfully came out with a type of software for online coaching to students in online tuitions from standard 4th to 12th , JEE, NEET, TNPSC, UPSC & Language training. Website

Students are allowed to learn in front of their parents at home, not wasting time in travelling to and Fro to the coaching centres and on mainly considering the safety of female children are important to consider.

The features include uninterrupted live online white board teaching, homework, cycle tests, evaluation, retest and revaluation, mock tests, doubt clearing sessions, file sharing for individuals and groups and lot more. Students are well trained by specialised and eminent teachers.Students are allowed to choose their subjects, teachers and time at their convenience irrespective of geographical boundaries. These classes can be learnt from remote places with smart phones even with lowest internet band width of 256 kbps.

Amid of money plundering institutions, the effort taken by Hyagriva to offer its service at very low monthly paying schemes, making it most affordable to all sections of society is generous and welcome.The firm which has started its service in Tamil Nadu is also planning to extent it to other parts of the country.

Recently Hyagriva, has also planned to give free coaching from standard 4th to 12th and also for NEET & JEE to smart and able students belonging to below poverty line.

The managing partners of the firm, Ms. Deepika Nandagopal and Mrs. Sangeetha Nagabhooshanam has invested their time, knowledge and capital for the development of children’s education is much appreciable.

Many social activists are also greeting the services done by the firm which will benefit lower sections of people and in also creating jobs for praiseworthy teachers.

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