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Hitech Diagnostic Centre Inaugurated Cobas e801

Cobas e801 was inaugurated at Hitech Diagnostic Centre. HITECH Diagnostic Center is a widely accepted leading laboratory in India,since 1986.Their professional services were extended over & above 600 labs and Hospitals across India.Having compliance with Industry Best Practices,HITECH Diagnostic Centre is N ABL Accredited & ISO 9001:2000 Certified laboratory in India.

Thiruvallur, Vellore, Salem, Erode, Tirunelveli, Tanjo Hitech has got 65 branches across Chennai, re etc.and has plans to open 35 make it 100, Dr.SP Ganesan, Medical Director & more branches to CEO of Hitech Diagnostic Centre said. Dr.Shravan ration Subramanyam, Managing Director,India & Neighboring Markets of Roche Diagnostic India has attended the inauguration. Several doctors and medical technicians from medical fraternity has attended the inaugu The new cobas e801 immunochemistry module is the latest addition to the Roche’s cobas 8000 modular analyzer series providing a smart solution for labs, patients and sustainability.The new cobas e801 is greener by design. With the e801,the user generates 15% less plastic waste and 32% less liquid waste per 1000 determinations.COBAS e801 ,designed by ROCHE switzerland and manufactured by HITACHI , is the latest Immunoassay Analyzer of the COBAS series . It has a high through put of 400 test per hour for Hormones Like thyroid. fertility, Growth Vitamin D and cancer markers. It follows a Modular concept ,so it can be attached to other modules to give up to 4000 test per hour.The high quality are reagents packed in environment friendly packages,and the result quality is highly precise.The variation between repeat testing is less than 2 percent. ROCHE has also promised to offer economical prices. In one word The COBAS e801 gives the triple benefit of high quality,quick results ,at an economical price benefiting Doctors and patients and the environment. Name for attached Photo Dr Ganesan, Chairman Dr. Shravan , Country : From Left to right: Hitech Diagnostic Center Manager , INDIA , Roche Diagnostics Senthil Ganesan, Director, Hitech Diag nostic Centre Mrs . Malini Parasuram , Quality Manager , Hitech Diagnostic Center Mr. Niranjan Kamat , Business Head , South Asia , Roche Diagnostics

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