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Gleneagles Global Health City, conducts a series of activities to create awareness for Stroke on World Stroke day

Chennai, November, 2017:Gleneagles Global Health City, the largest facility of Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai enterprise,organized series of activities aimed at creating awareness for stroke among the public in the local community, on the eve of the world stroke day. The Stroke awareness week started off with ‘Stroke Stall’ in the OPD block of Gleneagles Global Health City on 25th October 2017. 600 Volunteers including patients and their attendants  visited the stall between 25th& 28th October and  got their  Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index and Blood Sugars checked free of cost. The volunteers answered a stroke knowledge questionnaire before their entry into the stall.  A series of technical and factual presentations were displayed which gave a good amount of knowledge to volunteers that stroke is treatable and preventable, after which they were reassessed on their Stroke knowledge, by their ability to answer the stroke questionnaire correctly.  The event was a great success as many participants found it extremely helpful. The ‘Stroke Stall will continue to educate people till the 20th of November.

Gleneagles global health city also launched the Stroke Ambulance on the 28thof October. The ambulance is equipped with state-of-the-art facilitiesto assist a stroke patient during transit to the hospital for acute stroke management. This is one of a kind dedicated ambulance service in the city.All the ambulance drivers at Gleneagles Global Health City were also given training to identify the symptoms of stroke and alert the team at the hospital so that the stroke team can be on standby to receive the patient.

Gleneagles Global Health City also launched the ‘Stroke Awareness Program’ which was conducted on the 28th of October. “Are You Aware?” – AStroke awareness video campaign. The video captured the lack of awareness of stroke among the public and need for educating the public. This initiative was aimed to create awareness about stroke among netizens. This was followed by theatre play on Stroke education.

On World Stroke Day, 29th October, Gleneagles Global Health city conducted the 3rd stroke support group. Consultation and review sessions were done by the neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and dieticians. The program got together with patients and attendants to educate them through experience on how stroke can be cured and precautions or steps that should be taken while dealing with a loved one who has suffered a stroke.

“The Department of Neurology at Gleneagles Global Hospitals have always looked to educate the public when it comes to dealing with Strokes. There are approximately 13,000 stroke cases a year in Tamil Nadu and less than 1% are lucky enough to reach a centre and receive the right treatment. People need to be aware about the stroke risk factors and how to control them; high blood pressure is the single most important risk factor for stroke. High blood pressure is responsible for two thirds (62%) of all strokes. During World Stroke Awareness Month, we would like everyone to try and get the assessment done for the risk factors of stroke”, said Dr. Halprashant, Consultant Neurologist, Department of Neurology, Gleneagles Global Health City.“ We will continue to find newer and improved ways to create awareness about the treatment options and ways to identify strokes so that when a loved one is showing any symptoms of stroke people are aware of what needs to be done in that situation. I am very glad to report the activities undertaken were a great success in terms of reaching out to more people in terms of creating awareness that ‘Stroke is treatable and preventable’.”

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