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Fortis Malar Hospital aims to save precious lives through it’s Basic Life Support training programme

Chennai,  August, 2018: The Department of Emergency Medicine from Fortis Malar Hospital has been conducting Basic Life Support (BLS) training programme in various schools, colleges and residential areas in the city. The programme imparts life saving education to commoners on ways to handle emergency situations like choking, bleeding, breathing problem, chest pain and even stroke (brain attack). The expert team from Fortis Malar Hospital has educated around 300 students and staff from more than 15 schools, colleges and residential apartments including Kumara Raja Muthiah School, Kumara Rani Meena Muthiah College and Shivsundar Hospital.

Dr. Sasikumar.S, Head, Department of Emergency Medicine said, “98% of Indians are not trained in basic life-saving skills, including Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) as indicated by a survey conducted by Lybrate, an online doctor consultation platform. Emergency healthcare helps provide timely treatment, which in turn save lives in a matter of few seconds. It is important for everyone to learn basic life support as it might come in handy during unexpected emergencies. Our ongoing program is scheduled to continue over the following weeks in various educational institutions and residential areas in the neighborhood. We hope that this training program will be effective in saving precious lives.”

Trained doctors from the hospital have been using videos, practice demos and presentations to teach these skills and the participants get hands on experience as well. The step by step depiction by the team helps people acquire practical knowledge of responding quickly during emergency circumstances. Additionally, the training has been featuring a live demonstration of evacuation, which needs to be strictly followed during emergencies.

Professor Mathu Krithigha. L, Director Extension service, Kumara Rani Meena Muthiah Arts and Science College, Adyar said “There’s no greater satisfaction than knowing you’ve helped save a life. We would like to thank Fortis Malar for giving the students and faculty an opportunity to learn and train in BLS. Before the training programme, I was not aware of BLS but now I am confident that I will be able to provide BLS to people in need. I hope this training programme is conducted across all colleges and many people are benefitted through this.”

Every day several unexpected emergency situations occur, which may result in serious injury and sometimes even cause a precious life to be lost. These occurrences require fast action and people who are not only knowledgeable but capable enough to provide helpful assistance. Through this training programme anyone can provide Basic Life Support (BLS) techniques to victims of injuries and life threatening emergencies, until they can be placed under professional medical supervision or transported to the nearest healthcare facility.

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