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Auronya College is an embodiment of a visionary leadership on the foundation of creation and contribution embracing the spirit of liberal education, invention, intelligence, globalization and entrepreneurship. Auronya aims to bring a paradigm shift in the education system to align ourselves with the fourth industrial revolution by redesigning the 20th century model of education to meet real time needs of internationalized, technology driven fast changing 21st century.

Mr.Abhaya Kumar Founding Executive Chairman

`Mr. Abhaya Kumar is a First Generation Industrialist, Businessman in diversified and emerging fields as well as a Philanthropist and Social worker. He is the founder Executive Chairman of Auronya, the central visionary and investor in this education project. He comes with over 12 years of experience in managing educational institutions and shaping them. He is also the Founder & Secretary of Shasun College for Women in Chennai which was ranked in top 100 colleges in India in a survey conducted by MHRD in 2017.

Dr.Indira J Parikh Founding Chairperson

Dr. Indira J Parikh has been Non-Executive Independent Director of Foseco India Limited since 21st July; 2014.Dr. Parikh has done M.Ed. from University of Rochester, New York USA and the Doctorate from Gujarat University. She was a faculty at IIM-Ahmedabad for over 30 years and Dean from 2002 to 2005. She taught at INSEAD, Fontainebleau (France) and Texas A&M University. She is the founding Vice Chairman at Auronya and has been one of its visionaries since its inception.

Mr. Anuj Sharma Founding Dean

Mr.Anuj Sharma is an alumnus from the prestigious and renowned Harvard University, USA. He has over 18 years of experience as a consultant and executive within the areas of Education, Business and Technology. He also holds academic degrees in the field of Psychology, Human Resource and Business from top universities in the world like Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Ashworth University. Currently, he is conducting a Telepresence Robotics Experimentation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and is pursuing two separate doctorates in the field of International Business and Human Resources.

Mr. Vishesh Dayal Executive Director
A seasoned business and brand developer with strong marketing, sales, operational and communications skills with over 30 years of professional experience.

Till recently he was Director – Executive Education, Harvard Business School, India. Working closely in collaboration with cross continent teams to determine relevant courses, content, participant mix to spread the mission of the School across geographies, he was a key member in establishing the Executive Education portfolio in India in his Ambassadorial capacity. He developed deep relations with industry, business, associations and Govt. to drive growth in the region.

Prior to this he has developed entry level strategies and executed their implementation by setting up efficient business models for Multinational Companies like GAC International Inc., USA and Gebr. Brasseler, Germany. With his growing interest in education he had set up continuing education programs for medical practitioners with the Roth Williams Foundation, USA in India and the Middle East. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Modern School and Hindu College, New Delhi and holds a Master’s in Business Economics from Delhi University. He has completed his executive education with a certification from Harvard Business School, Boston, USA.

He is closely associated with charitable educational and arts and culture Organizations and is a keen

Auronya College aims to answer the knowns and unknowns of the future by focusing on the academic streams of tomorrow infused with cutting-edge technology and integrated curriculums. Auronya College is committed to expand its learning universe in the coming years for unique Undergraduate, Masters and Post graduate programs.

Auronya College encapsulates 6 Schools of academics, namely;
1. School of Design and Sciences: Focus areas range from Nanotechnology, Robotics, Geosciences, Astronautics, Virtual Reality, Industrial Design.
2. School of Business and Economics focussing on new age academic areas range fromFintech, Digital Currencies, Digitization, Globalization, Business Intelligence, Materials Management, Value management.
3. School of Humanities and Social Sciences: Some of the academic areas range from Security, Digital social networks, Education, Public policy, International law
4. School of Research and Intelligence Some of the academic areas range from Research, Sports Analytics, Biomechanics, Reality based Intelligence, Social Skills
5. School of Arts: Some of the academic areas range from Ethics, Performing arts, Culinary Arts, Fine Arts, History, Anthropology, Diversity
6. School of Media and Communications: Computational journalism, Ethics of Media, Digital Media Technologies, Communication Psychology


One year Post Graduate Diploma in New Age Management & Leadership (PGDNAML) The Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing technological, biological, economic and social elements together which will fundamentally change the way we live and conduct business. As we experience this unprecedented transformation, we need to think beyond the standard models to address the challenges in all domains.

We are now at the central point of Invention and change fuelled by automation, digitization, mobilization and disintermediation. Education must prepare us for this change by immersing ourselves in the future. Education 4.0 is about what skills and abilities will be required for the future leaders, not what it is.

Antariksh delivers a holistic development of leaders in the fourth industrial revolution in such rapidly evolving, interconnected and complex environments. It prepares leaders to understand the macro and micro views of real world problems and create multi-faceted solutions while gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and their contributions.

Antariksh is an immersive, multi-knowledge integrated one year post graduate diploma program. It aims to provide not singular improvements but complete transformations as students explore multiple courses with integrated curriculum.

Antariskh’s curriculum is designed to challenge students to develop new perspectives and thinking ways, exploring emerging trends, and transform thoughts to actions. Participants will:
• Build an indelible capacity to operate at a strategic/ senior level in both globalized and technologically advanced environments
• Get hands on experience to solve real world problems at both global and national level across industry sectors
• Develop wide ranging multiple skill sets across organization domains for strategic & visionary leadership.
• Create ready-to-implement frameworks and models in diversified business environments
• Leading operations of cross functional teams &diversified businesses both nationally and internationally
• Instil an inventive mindset for Entrepreneurship
• Gain Abilities such as Logical reasoning, Cognitive flexibility, Visualization, Problem sensitivity and Creativity.
• Enhance cross functional social skills, problem solving skills, system skills, process skills and resource management.

Education 4.0

While Education in the 20th century has catered to the first 3 industrial revolutions namely;
1st Revolution- 1784: Steam, Water, Mechanical
2nd Revolution- 1870: Electricity, Industrial Production, Labour
3rd Revolution-1969: Computers, Internet, Technology

Auronya aims to answer the unknown future of the 4th industrial Revolution by imparting Education 4.0. The 4th Industrial Revolution will be defined in the coming decades as technology furthermore infuses itself into every sphere of humanity; be it biological, social, environmental or economic. As the barriers between man, machine and technology dissolve, how will we define Education for our next Generation Z which keeps intact the elements, values, beliefs and insights that makes us ‘ Human’ That is the essence of conceptualizing Education 4.0.

Education 4.0 aims to impart the knowledge, develop the skills and enhance the abilities based on individualized education that will define the way we work and live in the future. Education 4.0 is a disruptive shift in traditionally “what we teach” and technologically “how we teach” education models aligned to the future trends.

Education 4.0 means redesigning the 20th century education model using current big data & insights to provide accurate information on future education skills, demand supply and employment both in the Developing and Developed World for the 4th Revolution


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