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Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi’s book ‘The Benefits of Failing Successfully’ teaches how to embrace the failures and learn from them

Bangalore: Notion Press, India’s fastest growing self-publishing company has launched an insightful book titled ‘The Benefits of Failing Successfully’ by Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi . The book talks about 10 hidden benefits of making mistakes and failing.

The term ‘failure’ always scares everyone , people feel terrified to deal with failures and in order to them same in life they tend to take fewer risks. In this book , the author has penned down 10 personal anecdotes of mistakes and failures and has given his interpretations about the same. He has positioned failures as a part of the process rather than a definitive outcome. Explaining with humorous caricatures and situations, he demonstrates numerous benefits that arise from such mistakes, why they are important and how they have helped him shape his career.

‘The Benefits of Failing Successfully’ also includes the mistakes made by the author which may appear trivial and non-significant when compared to others in the general population but they highlight the principles of a very unique and positive perspective that may be applied in mistakes and failures of grater magnitudes as well. The thought-provoking book will surely open new windows for them who think failures are detrimental and will change their perspectives about failures. Through this book, the author has communicated that failures are the steps towards success and how key insights from these failures can be used to empower new skills and opportunities.

The book ‘The Benefits of Failing Successfully’ encourages the natural ability to make errors and improve from them. It emphasizes on the importance of being allowed to make mistakes and how they can be utilized smartly to bring about successes.  Published by Notion Press, the book is currently available at the book stores , Amazon, Flipkart , Notion Press bookstore and other ecommence platforms.

About the author :

Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi has been known all his life by family, friends and peers for being absent minded, impulsive, making mistakes, failing and causing blunders. Despite that, at the age of 33, Dr. Chaturvedi is a well-to-do Ear Nose Throat Surgeon and medical device innovator with 18 inventions to date. He is recognized as one of the 35 innovators under the age of 35 by MIT Technology review 2016, a well-known stand-up comedian & actor and an author of the best-selling book on medical devices called Inventing Medical Devices: A Perspective from India.


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