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Crypoto currency is big news these days, and Deuscoin brings something new. Thousands of members are already using the coin every day. With its use, high tech foundation and global reach, Deuscoin is your coin of choice of investing, transferring, arbitrage, and strong of modern value systems.

“I am very happy to introduce this coin to the Indian market. India is very growing market and one of the most advanced countries when it comes to technological progress. Advantages of this coin are low price, quick transaction and ease of consumer use. There are lot of coins out there but the base that makes coin successful is having people use it’’ said Dana L Coe, CEO, BitLox while addressing the media today.

1. Open Source means quick development of systems. 2. It means using codes and plugins vetted by thousands of programmers every day,thus eliminating bugs, logic errors end enjoying the benefit of increased security and efficiency. Example: Which is more efficient – buying a car or building a new car?
1. Two words: Safety first. Every movement you make online is watched and measured by every imaginable tracking software – just imagine you are in store and the sales rep is standing just behind your shoulder and recording you as you browse the rack. And they are standing over your shoulder when you make your payment at the checkout. Multiply that by several websites over a period of time – now they know who you are, where you live but most importantly your spending habits. 2. Scenario: Imagine you are spending on something private, like a particular medicine for a family member. Now imagine if somebody is collecting that data and selling it to a pharmaceutical company that is also partly owned by an insurance company. First, they cut the supply of the medicine – effectively increasing the market price. Then, the insurance company convinces the government to pass a law forcing every patient to have an insurance policy before they can be admitted. 3. Imagine how that story ends in the future – with inflation pushing the buying power of fiat currency and every marketer knows the private details of your life. Conclusion: Use anonymous and private payments to protect yourself and your family.

1. The law of supply & demand dictates that price will increase when supply is lower than demand. Deuscoin offering is spread over 3200 days and distribution will be split 7 times over the spread. 2. How to push the price? Push the demand by spreading the Deuscoin news. How to push the demand? Lower the supply – every halving milestone takes care of this.How to lower the supply? Buy at volume, hold. Then spread the news about Deuscoin. 3. Every bank – from the smallest commercial to investment bank and investment institution, including Central Banks – rely on news channel to spread the news and drive the market to where they want it to go. 4. Remember about the Law of Supply & Demand? What if there are 100,000 people talking about Deuscoin everyday on the Internet, on chat apps? What if, instead of 100,000, there are 1 million people talking about it? Whether this will be the next Bitcoin or not, it is up to all of us to make it so. 5. Bitcoin made it because people started to talk about it and bought into the idea of a new digital currency. Bitcoin buyers got lucky because they decided to make it happen.

P2P blockchain allows you to see every transaction on the Deuscoin ledger ever made on the network. So every Deuscoin can be accounted for. But that’s not all. See what’s special about Deuscoin is you can buy the coins, sell the coins and transfer your entire account to anybody you want. And every transaction will be onA GLOBAL PAYMENT NETWORK
Fast – send money across the world in minutes. Efficient – send money from your phone & pc anywhere you are, any time of day. Private anonymous – only you and the receiver will know the details. In fact, even the receiver will not know your name or where you are if you choose not to disclose your personal information. Secure – Money wired from your account will sent as 1s and 0s across the Internet. Anybody watching will only see gibberish.The market will grow once there’s enough volume of trade. A huge volume of trade creates news. People outside the network will notice the news and market movement.Simply, if you make it happen now – more will come in. A crowd attracts more people to come and see what’s happening. the ledger.


Why wait for Bitcoin sellers to sell you their Bitcoins? The market does not wait for you. The world does not wait for you. Time does not wait for you. You can visit the Deuscoin website, or the exchange recognised by SVD or obtain Deuscoin from an account sold or transferred to you. So, you make the market. Because miners use not only electricity to power their mining machines, they also use your time. Deuscoin is born ready for the market, the world, the environment and for you.

Send money across the world in minutes. Efficient – send money from your phone & pc anywhere you are, any time of day. Private anonymous – only you and the receiver will know the details.

Deuscoin was launched on 1 Jan 2017. And in 15 days, it generated enough news and belief from the early buyers to invest. Why did the early buyers invest in a newly minted digital coin? Because they know that when it comes to investing in a cryptocurrency, being early to the scene is important. Because being early creates news. Anybody with an account at can see the investment coming in and the amount of Deus transferred to anonymous accounts. And since every transaction is anonymous, it created a lot of excitement because everybody can’t help but wonder who bought that large amount. It sent the price upwards. Now, imagine 1 million people doing the same thing. You can speculate for short-term gains. Hold it as an investment for monthly Deuscoin bonuses. Sell the account to a friend. Or use it to make purchases online. Whatever you choose to do, it will move the price.

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