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Colgate in partnership with Indian Dental Association launches the 14th edition of Oral Health Month

Trichy, December  , 2017: Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, the market leader in Oral Care, in partnership with the Indian Dental Association (IDA), announced the 2017 edition of the Oral Health Month (OHM). Currently in its 14th year, OHM is a national oral health campaign that has so far benefitted more than 33 million Indians by providing free dental check-ups and consultation.

OHM 2017, which commenced in November 2017, will go on till 31st January 2018 and will include dental check-ups in
 1276 cities
 156 army canteens in 63 cities
 81 modern trade stores

A brand new addition to OHM 2017 is the unique, voice-based interactive program called Pocket Dentist through which people can get free oral care tips/guidance over the phone, by giving a missed call on the number provided on all OHM packs. Colgate realized the need to launch this program, and also incorporate it into OHM 2017, based on the results of a dental survey which highlighted that 90% Indians still don’t visit a dentist regularly.

Speaking about the Oral Health Month 2017, Issam Bachaalani, Managing Director, Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited said, “Oral Health Month is one of our oldest flagship programs through which we aim to improve the oral health of people. Along with able IDA dentists, Colgate’s Oral Health Month has provided free dental check-ups and dental advice to millions of Indians. For the 2017 edition, we have also included the Pocket Dentist initiative to step-up the OHM program, and to help us with our larger vision to Keep India Smiling.”

Last year Oral Health Month conducted 6 million check-ups with the participation of 34000 IDA dentists across 1100 cities.

Dr. Ashok Dhoble, Hon. Secretary General, Indian Dental Association said, “Oral Health Month is one of the biggest oral care campaigns in India where Colgate and IDA come together to drive their common objective of improving the oral health of the country. Since its inception in 2004, OHM has grown significantly in reach and scale, providing over 30 million free dental check-ups still date. As a part of OHM 2017, about 35000 IDA dentists across India will be providing free dental check-ups to people and, in the process, educating them on good oral care habits.”

About Oral Health Month: In 2004, the Dental Council of India and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, with support from Colgate-Palmolive and Indian Dental Association (IDA), launched India’s first National Oral Health Survey. The survey highlighted the falling standards of oral health care in India. To address the situation, Colgate along with IDA organized dental check-ups and oral care education camps in public places, schools, orphanages and slums, across 20 towns.
Living up to its motto – Keep India Smiling – Oral Health Month has grown significantly over the years. With the participation of more than 34,000 IDA affiliated dentists; OHM 2016 reached 6 million Indian consumers. The campaign included free in-clinic dental check-ups and mobile dental vans travelling to underprivileged areas, across numerous cities, covering schools as well as CSD camps, modern trade stores and partner NGOs.

About The Indian Dental Association
The Indian Dental Association (IDA), formed in 1946, is the largest recognized body of dental professionals in India. It has helped shape the National Oral Health Policy. Working towards the promotion, encouragement and advancement of dental and allied sciences, IDA has a national presence with 30 state branches, 1 defense branch and more than 400 local branches spread across India. It has a combined strength of over 70,000 dentists and student members registered with it. All along, IDA has been at the forefront of oral health campaigns, while working towards its goal of attaining optimum oral health in the country – it has initiated quite a few novel activities like SPOT (Spot and Prevent Oral Cancer Trauma) Centers for early detection and treatment of oral cancer, TII (Tobacco Intervention Initiative) Centers for tobacco cessation and behavioral counseling under the banner of its Oral Cancer Foundation, Child Dental Centre for caries treatment and Educational and Training Centers for continuing education for professional advancement of dentists. For details of IDA’s projects and programs, visit

About Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited
Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited is the market leader in Oral Care in the country. The company manufactures and markets toothpastes, toothpowder, toothbrushes and mouthwashes under the ‘Colgate’ brand, as well as a specialized range of dental therapies under the banner of ‘Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals’. The Company also provides a range of personal care products under the ‘Palmolive’ brand. Colgate has been ranked as India’s #1 Most Trusted Brand across all categories for five consecutive years, from 2011 to 2016 by the Economic Times Brand Equity’s Most Trusted Brands Survey. For more information about Colgate’s business and products, please visit

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