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Coimbatore Team of Surgeons Remove world’s “Heaviest Ovarian tumour”

The Team of surgeon & Anaesthetists at a Private Hospital in the Coimbatore City “Gateway clinics “met with an extraordinary Giant ovarian tumour weighing 33.5 kilograms (Equivalent to 11 term new born babies of average 3kg weight each or the average weight gain by three pregnant women) Which is claimed to be heaviest in the history. The earlier reports were from AllMS Delhi & Pondicherry which was 20 kg. (13.5 kg less than this time operated tumour).

In the cold morning of December, a thin lady with huge abdomen walked in our clinic.  We had to take special measures to accommodate her from entrance to the couch for examination & history taking.

The fear & hope were equal in the twinkling eyes of this patient. The fear because she was already explained about high risk surgery & up to on table death due to risks involved during anaesthesia & surgery. The hope in her eyes were because of the person who met them in bus & referred to gateway clinics for this advance high risk surgery. On the first sight she was in eye of everyone because of huge size belly   which you can say that she was pregnant with at least quadruplets. She was fighting with herself to breath in enough oxygen and to sit for few minutes comfortably.

Our first question to her was how could she grow & carry this big mass in her belly. The furrows on her fore head grew even more when she answered that she had not enough money for her daughter’s marriage & she didn’t want to die before this marriage.

Now after listening to her history of disease examining her clinically & going through the multiple scans she had done, we came to a conclusion that this enormous big size tumour has to be removed from belly to free her from her disability to walk, talk, to breath properly & to sit properly. She wanted to get rid of this social stigma which prevented her to meet with her own people, to take photographs even in her own daughter’s engagement function.

It was not only rewriting the record but saving a lady whose original weight was 42kgs and weight 75.5kgs with the tumour. It was a life saving & life changing procedure for the 46 years old lady from Ooty. The patient’s vital organs were all displaced & shrunken due to the huge space occupied by the tumour, and the abdominal wall was thinned out like a paper due to exponential growth of tumour within the abdomen.

Due to poor knowledge of disease condition, its outcome & non-affordability to surgery the tumour grew to this big present size. Due to the serious risk to her life & difficult anaesthesia, a special team was formed & surgery executed according to plan after all preparative investigations, safety measures & fitness from Cardiologist, Pulmonologist & Anaesthesiologist. Proper care was taken to prevent life threatening Complication like Deep veins thrombosis. Intraoperative & postoperative DVT pump were also used.

Mrs. X, 46 yrs old lady from ooty was referred to Gateway clinics for this rare surgery who had a tumour growing for last two years without pain. The chief complaints were distension of abdomen, early satiety, tiredness & difficulty in walking due to heavy mass in abdomen although there was no pain abdomen ever. The main blood vessel which carries blood back to the heart without from periphery (Inferior vena cava) was almost compressed leading to swelling in legs & in abdominal wall & Due to compression on this vessel, blood finds alternative way to reach heart (collateral blood vessels).

The Team involved in this rare exceptional case was Dr. K. Senthil kumar, Dr. Piyush Patwa, Dr. V. Kandasamy, Gynaecologist Dr. N. Anitha & Anaesthesiologist Dr. D. Senthilkumar, Dr. Sathisha kumar who assured Safety measures pre & post surgery for the best results. The Anaesthesia team had to ensure a safe airway, the difficulty was due to the large tumour compressing the diaphragm & lungs so the expandability of lungs was restricted. The tumour was densely adhered to all nearby organs in order to get blood supply from liver gall bladder, abdominal wall, bowel wall etc. Meticulously protecting all the nearby organs, the tumour was separated and retrieved out completely after ligating and suturing the main blood vessels feeding the large tumour. The patient did not require ICU stay. The patient responded well & discharged in stable condition and on follow up for last 2 months.

This record has been conferred by Asia & India book of Records in May 2018.

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