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Bring back the good old conversation and fun around a coffee table at the newly launched Convo C20.

Chennai,  November, 2017: If you believe that you can have fun only with your phones glued onto your hands, then here is a challenge! Step into Convo@C20 and rediscover what real fun is… sans your gadgets.

Convo@C20 is a unique Cafeteria launched on Nov 3, 2017, by Filmmaker, actor Venkat Prabhu along with Vaibhav Reddy and Film Chennai 28 team. Located in the 1st Main road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar Convo@C20 is an attempt to bring back the good old conversation and fun around a coffee table without any gadgets.

Convo@C20 has been conceived with a gadget-free ambience allowing you to socialize in the good old way. All patrons are requested to place their gadgets – mobile phones and tablets in the jammer when they enter the café.

When asked about the unique theme of the cafeteria, Filmmaker Venkat Prabhu said, “In a day and age where phone addiction is at its peak we are isolated from our friends and loved ones and it is places like this that would help people disconnect from the monotony of life and connect with their loved ones.”

AshwinSomasundaram, the Managing Partner of Convo@C20 and the brain behind the concept said, “Mobile phones, tablets and social media have become an addiction with today’s generation, so much so that they have become inept in making real-time friends or even to have a simple conversation. Today, we can’t even have a coffee without Instagramming it. That’s why Convo@C20 has come up with the ‘no gadgets’ concept to help us regain our social skills and unwind without any gadgets.”

To break the ice, the café has many conversation starters in the form of games such as Seated Football, VolleyBall, Mini Golf, Shuffle Board and loads of unique board games to go with it. The café also has a community table where one can socialize with random strangers and become friends the old-fashioned way!

A whole range of lip-smacking food comprising of delicious continental dishes, beverages and mocktails to sample from, will add to your fun.

Vibhas Foods : Convo@C20 Cafeteria has been conceptualized by AshwinSomasundaram (Managing Partner) under the auspices of Vibhas Foods.Who is planned to expand this theme restaurant in South India. Starting first at Adyar as Convo C20to multiple themes in and around the city. “Food-on-the-go” is one suchconcept that will be witnessed in the near future.


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