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Adventures in Japan

Scuba diving at Shikinejima islandCJNTO

Kumano Kodo, Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain RangeCJNTO
With rich emotive landscapes and vistas that have inspired explorers, artists, warriors, travellers and even Emperors for centuries, Japan is the perfect canvas to launch an adventure of endless discovery. Explore the lesser known tropical islands of the south, snorkeling and scuba diving the tropical reefs and historic WWII wrecks, or if you prefer a colder climate, carve up the powder on the slopes of the wintery north. Whether it’s extreme sports like bungee jumping, or just a relaxing round of 18 on one of the breathtaking golf courses around Japan, you will find an adventure that calls for you in the land of endless discovery.

Scuba and Snorkeling
The southern islands of Japan provide crystal-clear waters and warm temperatures, the perfect conditions for scuba diving and snorkeling. Explore this lesser known side of Japan and you will be rewarded with the opportunity to explore the diverse marine life as well as the unique underwater ruins and wrecks from World War II.

When you think of surfing, you don’t think of Japan, but one ride on the magnificent swells and world class waves that can be caught around Okinawa and the mainland river mouths will make Japan your number one destination for endless surfing.

Trekking & Hiking
The best way to discover Japan’s inspiring and jaw dropping landscapes, mountains and UNESCO World Heritage listed wilderness is by breaking away from the crowds and taking the path less trodden. Whether it’s the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage or hiking to a mountain peak past ancient temples, Japan has trekking and hiking for everyone.

Climbing Mt Fuji
Just a few hours out of Tokyo, rising above the clouds, sits a calming spiritual symbol of national identity with snow on its peak and cherry blossoms at its feet; Mt Fuji. If you are looking to begin a journey of endless discovery, climbing Japan’s tallest and most revered mountain is the perfect place to start.

Mountain Biking & Cycling
Whether it’s shooting down off road trails or gliding across the road, a cycling holiday is a truly unique way to discover Japan. With almost 80% of Japan being mountainous, and with most of the population concentrated along coast, the regional areas are uninhabited and breathtakingly raw visions of nature waiting to be explored.

Imagine waking up to see the morning sunrise illuminating a forest of cherry blossom trees at the foot of a mountain… that’s what is on offer when you camp in Japan. Apart from this, camping also provides the perfect base for exploring Japan’s outdoors, including everything from lakes and mountains to natural hot springs (onsen).

Extreme Adventures

Japan is known as the land of tranquility, but if this doesn’t meet your adrenaline desires, there are numerous extreme adventures available across the country. You could try canyoning in the beautiful Nametoko Valley and follow it with Japan’s highest bungee jump at 62 metres near Sarugakyo Onsen, just to start.

Japan is a paradise for golf lovers, it’s said that there are more golf courses in Japan than all the rest of Asia. Embodying the tranquility that Japan’s natural surroundings are famed for, there simply isn’t a better way to take in the country’s beautiful landscapes than with round of 18.

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