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Aaruush ‘17 “Empowering Designs, Exalting Intelligence”

Aaruush, the National Level Techno-Management Fest propelled into its “X1 Edition” with the commencement of its inauguration on 15th September 2017. The event began at 3:30pm by welcoming an audience of over 1500 exuberant students along with the dignitaries sitting on the stage. The panel of dignitaries included the Chief Guest of the day Honorable General (Dr.) V K Singh, Dr. T. R. Paari Vendhar, Chancellor, SRM University, Dr T. P. Ganesan, Pro-Vice Chancellor, SRM University, Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan, Director Engineering & Technology, Prof. D. Narayana Rao, Director of Research, Col. C. H. Ramchandani, Director of Campus Life, Dr. A. Rathinam, Convenor, Aaruush, Dr. V. M. Ponniah, Financial Advisor, Aaruush and Mr. V. Thirumurugan, Estate Officer.

Day Zero of the fest began with the ceremonial Lighting of the Lamp by the dignitaries. The lit lamp not only signified the spreading of knowledge over the duration of the fest but also a new beginning of a new decade of the fest. This ceremonial process was followed by a speech by the Secretary of Aaruush ’17, Mr. Haroon Rashid. He spoke of Aaruush as a feeling and not just a fest. “None of us is as strong as all of us” he said stating that Aaruush is run by this motto.

The podium was handed over to the Joint Secretary of Aaruush ’17 for the Aaruush Report. The report consisted of an enlistment of all the accreditations, events before, during and after the fest adhering by the theme of Aaruush “Rising in the spirit of Innovation” as well as the tagline for the “X1 Edition”, “Empowering Designs, Exalting Intelligence”.

The Aaruush Souvenir comprising of all the events, expos and pro-shows was then released by the chief guest of the day General V K Singh. The existence of the day zero of the fest was made substantial by the words the presidential address given by the Chancellor of the University, Dr. T. R. Paari Vendhar. Dr. A Rathinam, the Convener of Aaruush ’17 then welcomed the chief guest by presenting him with a memento as a token of appreciation. General V. K. Singh addressed the gathering and with his impactful words on technology and the youth today, General V K Singh gave the team strength and motivated the audience into helping in the organisation of fest of this magnitude and in participating in it.

Post the inspirational speech, the Aaruush Main Video was released with much fervour and gusto. Aaruush’s Journey towards infinity, which began in 2007, witnessed the end of the inaugural with the vote of thanks by the Public Relations Officer. The Inaugural ended with the screening of the movie “Wonderwoman” released in 2017. After over 7 months planning, structuring, brain-storming and toiling and with 32 members working to ensure minute to minute aspects of the fest, Aaruush expects a greater footfall, greater events and greater brilliance in this edition of the fest.

Curtains fell, the stage was set and the wave of Aaruush amplified as everyone at SRM University felt the first rays of the shining sun. Aaruush overwhelmed everyone’s hearts. The four days of Aaruush, filled with immense joy, excitement, fervor, energy and innovation will truly aims to reach infinity. As the various events, workshops, guest lectures, pro-shows and the highlights take place, the entire campus shall unfold into showcasing its best talents, potentials and a drive to change the world and revolutionize the nation.

What started as a ‘four-man group of visionaries’ in 2007 has evolved into a renowned National Level Techno-Management Fest, with over 56+ Events, Guest Lectures, Workshops, Expos, Pro-shows, and an Organizing Committee of over 5000 people. Aaruush towards Infinity isn’t an exaggeration, it’s a Vision.
The growing reputation of AARUUSH has never been hindered, having collaborations with organizations like The European Southern Observatory, IEEE, European Space Agency and DRDO. Reputed NGO’s like AID INDIA, HOPE, and CRY have collaborated with Aaruush and its stride towards social responsibility.

AARUUSH 2012 and 2013 hosted several stalwarts of repute such as Dr. Richard Matthew Stallman, Mr. Rajan Anandan, Dr. Tessy Thomas and Mr. Aakash Sinha, all sharing their knowledge with the participants. AARUUSH 2014 saw us welcome eminent personalities such as Dr. Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan, Anurag Batra, Dr. Eshwar Natarajan and also welcomed Mr. Sam Pitroda, all the way from America, with the help of state of the art video conferencing technology. AARUUSH 2016 welcomed Dilip Chabbria India’s very own Car Architect. AARUUSH that year witnessed an unprecedented footfall, crossing 37,000 and setting yet another record. It was the platform where the new Arjun Mk II tank was first unraveled.

At Aaruush, there is a general understanding of the value of consistency and reliability, so it’s no surprise that they have strived to gain accreditations and patronages from the most qualified of organizations. Proudly accredited by organizations such as: AARC, ISHRAE, IEEE, IET, MEA, and MSME; Aaruush has always been a symbol of standard, gaining patronages from organizations like DIGITAL INDIA, SAYEN, CEE, and SKILLINDIA, and UNESCO,
The National Level Techno-Management Fest has strived to be more than just a four day occasion; this year will see an amazing growth in Aaruush’s aim to be impactful all year long.
Aaruush never confines itself to it’s time frame but has pushed boundaries to conduct extraordinary events throughout the year. With enthralling Pre-Aaruush Events, this fest is always the talk of the town. The Aaruush team has always made sure to keep its rays bright and warm, be it before the four days of Aaruush or after it.

Settling in the AARUUSH Aura, we began the year’s events with our Square One Roadshow, marking the beginning of it all. Continuing down the year, Aaruush followed it up with an evening spent on a global cause, The Earth Hour. Building on that conservative nature, Aaruush’s SRM Eco Run witnessed the creation of a new World Record.
A simple idea to join hands with the other fests of major colleges, grew into the Aaruush T-Summit. A congregation of 16 colleges came together to spark an ever-lasting change.

Aaruush strives to spread knowledge and cultivate a culture of education. Events such as Aaruush Educates and Wednesday Speaks, and Alumni Talks hope to uplift the attitude towards education in India.
Aaruush, a four days fest, will be spanning from 16th to 19th September, 2017. With 14 domains working simultaneously to bring some mind boggling challenges to the students’ fraternity, Aaruush presents 56+ events. These 56 events will be challenging the participant’s architectural expertise, managerial skills, computing knowledge, and many more. The Domains Architecture and Konstruktion appeal to the builder in you, with structural and geometric challenges for the participants. Bluebook domain focuses on biology and the advances in the field of the Living. Digital Design which deals with creativity using pixels is a boon of a domain for every artist.

Electrizite is a domain that works with Electronics and Electrical Department of Engineering, a core study. Fundaz, Vimanaz, and X-Zone. 3 Domains in which pop culture, skill, and precision are imminent. Keeping the Mechanical Department in mind, Machination and Robogyan truly touch an engineer’s heart. A manager’s crash course, Magefficie and Praesentatio are perfect for the speaker we all strive to be. For the CodeChefs and Testers, Yuddhame and Online. These 14 domains design the events which run Aaruush as a National Techno-Management Fest.

AARUUSH’17 presents the Guest Lecture series which will be happening throughout the 4 days of the fest. This edition witnessed mentors and leaders who have found immense success and are working in various fields of interest with a passion. Students have a chance to learn about them and have hand in hand interaction experiencing an intense knowledge sharing experience. Initiating with Suneet Tuli, CEO of Datawind company and the manufacturer of Aakash tablets on the 16th of September. The guest lectures series will be followed on 17th September, with Harsh Songra, CEO of Mychild App and Benild Joseph, professional hacker, holding a position in Information Systems Security Association for the Govt.

The third day of the guest lectures series will be lead by one of India’s finest racers becoming the first female Indian to race in euro JK series, Mira Erda and Arjun Vajpai, the third youngest Indian to climb the Everest, come witness them on 18th of September.
Aaruush will hold Conferences this year of a very high calibre, beginning with Industrial Conclave, where young budding entrepreneurs get a golden opportunity to interact with industry experts this AARUUSH. The Industrial Conclave is a one-of- a-kind platform connecting entrepreneurship enthusiasts to industrial big-wigs and visionaries and focuses on discussions on the stock market and entrepreneurship.

Unconference is just a platform where there people shall discuss their views on a common interest of topic and provide rostrum to the society. It is a participation driven forum. And to elevate it higher there is a captivating deliberation and an indelible debate between the guests and the individuals.
The Make in India is an initiative launched by the Government of India to encourage national, as well as multi-national companies to manufacture their products in India. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014. AARUUSH in its X1 Edition has an Make in India Summit, for all those young political enthusiasts out there, this one is for you Join. The Make in India Summit will be held to spread awareness and spark changes in this law.

Slingshot is an event which will provide a platform to the participants to put forward their ideas of start-ups and how they wish to go about with it. This is an interface of the budding and established entrepreneurs who will be present to help them about how to realise their plans. This also is a place where they get a shot at having an investor who is willing to fund their ideas. Slingshot will be welcoming C. K. Kumarvel of Naturals and Rajendran Dandapani of Zoho as it’s keynote speakers.

The magnanimous national techno management fest will eventuate its day 1 on the 16th of September, after which there will be no going back. Living up to the Aaruush 17 tagline “Empowering designs, Exalting intelligence”, the fest envisions and aspires to bring about a vast variety of vehemently conducted workshops which will motivate the students to rise in the spirit of innovation. Impeccably organized and delectably concocting workshops such as the scribbled stories, the hack track workshop by Sunny Vaghela, social media analytics using big data, bike overhauling workshop, swarm robotics-obstacle avoidance workshop, Quadcopter workshop, Webench power tool by Texas instruments workshop, cognitive computing using Watson and photography workshops are going to be conducted with immense participation and frivolous response. The workshops are going to be held by our exceedingly knowledgeable guests and with their plenitude and beatitude of words, the students are sure to have an experience of their lifetimes.

The eve of 18th September will witness the breath-taking Proshow which will commence at 6pm in the T.P. Ganesan auditorium. The wave of Aaruush is sure to steer the entire hall as the students, just like in every edition of Aaruush, will gather in enormous amounts to be a part of the exceptionally entertaining performances presented by the bewildering artists. The Proshow includes an engaging burlesque by India’s first flute boxer, Mr. Sudhir Rao; a mind boggling demonstration of illusion and magic that will engulf the crowd with delusion and confusion is also to be awaited as we have the extraordinarily talented Mr.Mangesh Desai, a stand-up illusionist and mentalist; an astounding performance by none other than the exceedingly endowed Mr. Raghavendra Chauhan who is sure to leave the audience in an awe with his speed blind folding painting skills; and the alluring dance performance by India’s no.1 dance group MJ5 which will indeed compel the audience to groove on their moves.

A national level fest of such grandeur as that of Aaruush is sure to have highlights as ostentatious as its name. Aaruush’17 presents with vivacious highlights including Zakir khan and Shirley Setia. Mr. Zakir Khan is sure to make you laugh your lungs out with his witty jokes and hilarious commentary. And while he will give you butterflies in your bellies, Shirley Setia’s melodious voice will resonate in your minds and fill it with ecstasy and elevation.

AARUUSH is a platform showcasing a plethora of talent. We find infinity in the number of stars in the night sky, the number of raindrops in an ocean, the memories hidden behind the lens of an eye and the number of ideas that emerge out of minds alike. Aaruush towards Infinity leads these minds towards the path of inspiration, discovery, growth and achievement. It brings out the talents of more than 40,000 of its participants with utmost enthusiasm and gratification. So be here at SRM University from the 16th-19th September 2017 to witness great things and to indulge yourself in the plethora of mind-boggling events and eye-catching highlights, Aaruush ’17 steps into its 11th year with the spark of the wondrous eternity.
“Aaruush towards Infinity”

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