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A celebration of Cancer Survivors

As the nation celebrates its 71st Independence Day, Prof. Dr Anita Ramesh, Founder and CEO – Freedom from Cancer Relief and Research Foundation teamed up with cancer survivors in the city to celebrate Life after Cancer. The event, “Celebration of a Good Cause — A Fight against Cancer”, saw over 300 Cancer survivors including children participate in the cultural activities conducted to celebrate the success in combating Cancer. Ms. Neerja Malik, a two-time cancer survivor & cancer counselor shared her experience how she conquered cancer twice.
During the celebration, cancer survivors including children participated in various cultural performances which including a Fashion parade, Dance & Singing performances. A Special cultural performance was delivered by International Cancer Survivors.

Other features of the event include melodies in Tamil and Hindi by Pioneer Music Gym group led by Pioneer Suresh; Hip-hop, salsa, zumba and Arabian dance performance by ‘Kamcrewz’ kids and young adults; a 30-minute show by Arun The Mentalist; a performance by the Duchess Club and mimicry by Senthil.

Speaking on the occasion Prof. Dr Anita Ramesh, Founder and CEO – Freedom from Cancer Relief and Research Foundation said, “While the nation celebrates Independence Day in many ways, cancer survivors, who gained physical and psychological freedom after recovering from cancer came together here to share their tales. These celebrations provide an opportunity for survivors to converse, draw support and get advice from others who share similar experience and rejoice. It is an occasion for cancer survivors to come together and celebrate the new reality in cancer survivorship.”

“Early detection is the key. Women above the age of 40 should be screened for breast cancer and cervical cancer and men should be screened for colon and prostate cancer after they reach the age of 50. Apart from medical treatment, psycho-social support is crucial.” added Prof. Dr. Anita Ramesh.
The objective of the event was to spread the word that Cancer is curable and one can lead a normal life after surviving cancer. Some of the cancer survivors shared their stories of success on their fight against cancer, elaborated on how positive attitude, will power and strong support system played a crucial role in their recovery. The whole occasion was filled with joy & laughter. A Hope for the future and strength reflected across on the day.

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