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India’s First Fusionless Scoliosis Surgery performed at Apollo Hospitals

Chennai: Apollo Hospitals, Asia’s largest and most trusted multi-specialty chain of hospitals, has performed yet another India’s first surgery that transformed a teenager’s life. Dr. Sajan K Hegde and team successfully completed a fusion less scoliosis surgery on a 14-year-old girl who was affected by Scoliosis, an abnormal sideward curvature of the spine.

Recogonising the sudden changes in their daughter’s postures, worried parents of Shreya brought her to Apollo Hospitals Chennai from Delhi. Shreya, who was fine like any other child, started showing signs of deformity in her spine when she turned 12, she experienced pain and there was an increase in the deformity. She was unable to carry on her day-to-day activities, medical intervention at Apollo Hospitals Chennai revealed that she was affected by Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. This abnormal sideward curvature of the spine is usually seen in young girls aged 8-12 year it affects two to three per cent of children between the ages of 10 and 18, a time when the human body is growing at its most rapid pace.

AIS results in an unsightly distortion of the rib cage, trunk and shoulders and severe scoliosis can also cause cardiopulmonary problems. Surgical treatment is often recommended for patients whose curves are greater than 35 degree while they are still at a growing stage. Traditionally fusion surgical treatment is performed to address this issue, where metal implants are attached to the spine, and then connected to two rods. These Implants hold the spine in a corrected position until the instrumented segments fuse as a single bone. As compared with the fusion surgery, fusion less scoliosis surgery aims to support spine growth and movement. The conventional treatment also diminishes growth in height as lengthening proceeds.

Speaking about the revolutionary procedure, Dr. Sajan K Hegde, said, “Fusionless Scoliosis Surgery is a shorter, less invasive, less expensive surgery that preserves motion and function in patients while lessening the chance of back pain later in life. This technique can now be used in select cases of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis where the deformity is corrected using a flexible cable. Here no fusion of the operated portion of spine is performed. These children can return back to full normal activities faster and participate in their favorite sport, dance or yoga.”

The patient is under physiotherapy, her posture has improved her ribcage, trunk and shoulders are aligned and getting better.  She is back to normal day-to-day activity.

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