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Chennai, 3rd August, 2018: Parvathy Hospital hosted the awareness campaign on the eve of the National Bone and Joints day (August 4, 2018) by illuminating Chennai’s iconic building, ‘RIPON BUILDING’, today. In association with Greater Chennai Corporation, the iconic building was lit PURPLE to create awareness on issues concerning Bones & Joints and focus on its treatment.

With the Chennai city’s renowned heritage building, ‘RIPON BUILDING’, which has a vast historic background, went in PURPLE, The Purple lights created a fascinating night scene and honored this historic landmark.

Dr. S. Muthukumar, Chairman & Chief Orthopedic, Parvathy Hospital said, “It has become common among the growing population with people suffering from problems related to bones and joints like Arthritis, Osteopenia and other rheumatic conditions. Also considering the ageing factor, which makes the bones and joints weaker with reduced functions and movements. It is inevitable that there is a substantial need for increase in awareness towards bone and joint health issues and on its treatment. Illuminating ‘RIPON BUILDING’ with PURPLE will help to create more awareness among the people on Bone and joints issues, which can be prevented and treated.”

In India, the bone and joint issues are likely to witness a significant growth in coming years. With Illuminating ‘RIPON BUILDING’ with PURPLE’, Parvathy Hospital has taken a lead in creating awareness on bone and joint issues, prevention and treatment.

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